Friday, August 6, 2010

Friday! Friday! Friday!

How did it get to be Friday already? Are we really in August? We survived a week of Vacation Bible School and I thought I would have more free time. Ha! Right. I feel like I am some sort of fast-forward time warp. Our littlest man, Max, is growing so quickly that I just wanted to share a few pictures of him from our play time this week.As soon as he sees the camera, he starts crawling toward me so it takes more skill to actually get his photo. He is drawn to electronics--such a boy!
Also, Brentt finished part of our "remodel." He put up a wall in between the playroom and the living room. In the playroom side, the kids now have a giant chalkboard. They love to play school (which has been great for me to sneak in some Summer learning! ;) )And color themselves so we have our very own "Blue Man Group." Ha! They are so funny!We have a busy weekend. One going-away party for some dear friends, a VBS celebration Sunday and then off to the race track. Yay! Have a great weekend!

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