Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My 3 Epiphanies

Finally... here are a few crafts and layouts. I decided I would never be able to catch up on all that I want to do right now. My first great epiphany came when I decided that it was ok if I never caught up. I'd rather make the memories this Summer than document them. Maybe when the kids are back in school I'll get more time for myself but for now, I am just trying to make sure I get 15 minutes every day. In my 15 minutes, I am quite surprised how much I can get done.

First, here is a frame that I made from the sea shells I collected on Brentt and my get away to Florida in May. I love the pearl additions but best of all, I love that my favorite vacation photo fit in it.

My second epiphany was that I do not have to scrapbook every favorite photo. When Max was 6 months old I did a photo shoot of him and loved so many. My solution was that I picked one favorite and made a great layout. In the album, I have a sheet protector that holds 6 of my other favorites. This way, I still scrap the moment but don't feel pressured to scrap the other photos or (gasp!) leave them out of the book.
I usually hide my journaling because I don't like my writing. Here is what it looks like in the album.And... I did get some time to catch up on some older pics too. My 3rd epiphany came out of doing these: Not every lay out needs to be some artful masterpiece!

So, thanks for checking in and reading my rants. Make it a great day!

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