Sunday, November 21, 2010

San Diego State Aztec Game

Saturday it was so cold and rainy but we promised Maddie and Sam that we would go to the SDSU Aztec game at Qualcomm stadium, rain or shine. We went to a game a couple weeks ago when Madeleine danced at half-time but when you have a tired, squirmy 1-year-old-Max on your lap it is not so fun! This weekend, we got a babysitter for Max and so happy we did. He would have been miserable in the rain!
Though the Aztecs lost, the kids had a great time playing in the stands with their friends Leah and Emma. Emma is 4 also and LOVES the Aztec mascot, Monte Montezuma (aka: Emma's boyfriend ;) ) In the 3rd quarter we went down to the rain-soaked field level and waited for Monte to make his rounds. While we were waiting... the kids were on the Jumbotron! So cute!Then, Monte arrived and smiles all around. Such a nice guy and he stuck around and talked to the kids, gave out high fives and hugs. Sadly, I didn't get a hug. (wink!)
Sam had many questions about his weapons and his shield. Monte blows a conch shell when the Aztecs score or get a first down. Sam really wanted to watch him blow it and things weren't going so well for the team by the end of the 3rd quarter so Sam had to wait. Quite a while. But when it was time to blow the conch, Monte ran back over to Sam and....They all loved it! Though Monte was super-cool, Sam made sure to get the cheerleader's attention and give them high fives too. He even told one of them, "Hey, I like your pom-poms." All I can say is LOCK UP YOUR DAUGHTERS! Such a fun weekend! Thanks for checking in!

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