Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Off to school

Yesterday was Madeleine's first day of pre-K. She's getting so big! I can't believe how different she looks this year even compared to last year's first year of pre-school. Here she is posing (all by herself., I swear I try NOT to encourage this but... it is hilarious!)
Here is Sam barely tolerating her "fanciness". And here he is walking away from all the dramatics. Ha!

I'm so happy to have her home with me for one more year before Kindergarten! Perhaps I'll be able to convince her not to pose so dramatically by then. ;) She cracks me up!


Shalamar said...

She's just hilarious! Those look like some scrapbookin photos to me!!!!

cydders said...

my kind of lil' lady! i love it!
we are off to Vegas!
see you Monday!