Friday, May 16, 2008

Another Clear Post

I just wanted to share another acrylic creation. I made this one for the design team at my LSS and this has been my favorite assignment yet! Its a 12 by 12 wall hanging using an acrylic sheet and the words are acrylic too. You can see through it so it was hard to photograph. (Any tips on photographing acrylic?)

Madeleine looks so sweet in that picture!

Now, I'm off to a grown-up lunch. Tee...hee! No kids! Wahoo! Can you tell I'm a little burned out? 10 days until Puerto Rico!


cydders said...

love it! i had a hard time photographing my project too! it's up on my blog...check it out!


Shalamar said...

Love it! Can you post directions...I'd love to try this one too! I need a personalized 1:1 class.... =)