Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Clearly a Dream...

I have a new scrappy love....acrylic. I've just started working with it and I think its clearly dreamy. When making an album, you really need to think about what you will be able to see on the backside and on the layers underneath and previous layers.

Take a look at this mini album I made for Spring.

Another thing that is clearly a dream... is our bathroom remodel. Actually, this one might turn out to be a nightmare if Brentt doesn't get it done soon. I know I'll love it when its done but all I wanted was the old wallpaper off and a fresh coat of paint on it. But if you know Brentt, you know he has to do things ALL THE WAY. So now he's ripped up the old tile, is installing new tile flooring, put a fan in, painted the ceiling, ran some new electrical, new base boards, new shelving, and on...and on...and on... Here's the way it looks right now:
UGLY! I'm getting nervous since it needs to be done before Beth arrives next week! I've better sign off so I can find my whip... ;) tee...hee...

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