Friday, December 19, 2008

12 Days of Christmas - Day 6

I have no idea what happened to my day yesterday. It was so busy! From the moment I got up I was running (literally) and doing, watching Christmas concerts, wrapping and shopping, baking and crafting.... whew! I'll show you what I was crafting later this week, after I've given the final project to my friends. Anyways... so I missed posting Day 6 of our 12 Days of Christmas so here it is... If your kids are on Christmas break now, here's a good craft to get them involved in. Its one of those projects that Grandma would just love!

What you need:
A basket
pine cones
Gold spray paint, or spray glitter
Miscellaneous Christmas Picks or decorations (they're 70% off at Michael's right now!)
Small string of white lightsFirst, send the kids outside to gather pine cones (or you can buy them at a craft store). A variety of sizes is best but my basket simply shows the competition of who could find the biggest pine cone. But seriously, smaller pine cones add more interest to the basket. Arrange the pine cones in the basket and weave the lights through and under them. Paint them with the glitter spraypaint. Really give them a good coating. After they're dry, add the Christmas picks and a bow onto the front of the basket and you're done. This should be fine for either indoors or outdoors.

Enjoy! I'll be back later to post Day 7. Depending on my day, it just may be another drink!

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