Saturday, December 6, 2008


Since my husband put a a diamond on my left hand, I've become a big fan of bling. The older I get, the more attracted to bling I get (Hint! Honey, our 10 year anniversary is coming up... Hint!) Sparkly, glittery, wonderful bling. So, when Papertales, a LSS of mine was offering a glitter house class, I signed up right away. Here is the result:

Isn't it dreamy? And surprisingly easy. The base is a paper mache box covered in vintage sheet music. The top also begins with covering it with the sheet music but then you add a crepe paper circle, your house, lots of glitter and embellishments. The house is just made from Bazzill cardstock and then covered in glitter. You can find the pattern for the house here on Memory Makers Magazine. I'm sure you can enlarge it too, I just haven't tried that yet. Oh and the fabulous "ice" effect on the roof is simply hot glue with fine glitter sprinkled over it before it dries.

And because once I make one thing I love, I have to improve on it and make another. Now, I'm not sure this is an improvement because I made it so differently but I still think it's brilliant and full of sparkle and bling.I started this one with a pre-made paper mache box. I mounted it on a mirror to amplify the bling and the roof of this box comes off. It looks stunning with a battery-operated candle inside.My favorite accent, and the king of this castle: Mr. Bling. Hee... hee...

I hope you enjoy and will make one for yourself. Thanks for checking in! Please come back next week because I'll be starting my 12 days of Christmas posts.


Shalamar said...

Love ur Bling house!!! Good job!

cydders said...

oh my !!!!!! i love these houses!! your take is AMAZING!!!!! wow! where did you get the house? i want to make one!!!
it was so great to talk to you.