Wednesday, December 17, 2008

12 Days of Christmas - Day 5

Today is about quick and easy! Nothing is easier (or makes any teenager happier) than a gift card. But it's a little cheesy just to hand it to someone and say, "Ummm...Merry Christmas, or whatever." So even if you didn't put a lot of thought or time into the gift, we're going to make it look like you did by making a quick and easy gift card holder.

Here's what you'll need:

  • one 12" by 12" two-sided piece of sturdy scrapbook paper
  • one sheet of coordinating cardstock (for inside the pocket)
  • 12" by 2" strip of scrap paper that coordinates (patterned or cardstock--your choice)
  • 12" trim - the bolder the better. Here, I used maribou.
  • Adhesive, preferably a strong dry adhesive
  • ribbon scraps
  • a stapler
  • scissors or paper trimmer
Here's how you do it.
1. Fold a two-sided, 12 by 12 inch paper and leave about 2" showing.2. Cut 2 pieces from this, 4 1/2 inches wide. These 2 pieces will be your gift card pockets. The other 3" wide piece will be perfect for a cash gift.3. Glue the right and left edges of the pocket. Use a tough glue like glue lines, glue dots, ATG gun, etc... or you can stitch it with a sewing machine. But I didn't do that to this one--its all about quick and easy today.
4. Trim the top 1/4" of the pocket with a scalloped edge scissors.
5. Adhere white maribou (or the trim that goes best with your papers) to the top edge of the pocket. I used a hot glue gun to make this quick and easy. If you're using a wet adhesive, be careful not to glue your pocket shut!**If you're in a big hurry, stop here. Shove the gift card or cash in the pocket and run out the door. **
But if you have a little time to add an extra step, make a tag to hold the gift card. Here's how:
1. Begin by cutting 2 pieces of coordinating cardstock, to 5" by 3 1/2". If you want to make one for that smaller pocket, it should be 2/1/2 inches wide by 5" tall.
2. Round the 2 top corners.
3. Find 2 pieces of coordinating scrap paper measuring 3 1/2" by 2". ( We all have those scraps laying around, use them!)
4. Adhere the left and right edges AND the bottom too.
5. Staple a ribbon onto the top of the tag and put it in the pocket, leaving a little hanging out.

And... tada!That's all for today. I hope you're enjoying the holidays!


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