Friday, December 12, 2008

A good laugh!

Today, for our "Fun Friday" activity we went to the mall to visit Santa. I knew I'd get ripped off and get some cheesey print with the fake background. What I didn't know was how Sam was going to react to Santa. He's almost 3 years old and the past 2 years, he has been terrified of Santa. This year he wasn't terrified but.... well, look at this picture. You decide.
I seriously can't stop laughing at this picture. I LOVE IT! It is so very much like Sam. As you can see, I was holding him there and he clearly did NOT want to participate. Maybe next year he'll like the big guy.

Madeleine loved Santa . She brought her letter and told him how good she was this year. And Santa was great too! He said stuff like, "I see you got a haircut this year." And he picked up their names as I was talking to them. Afterwards, Maddie said, "He really knew my name!" which allowed me to play that Santa card and say, "I told you! Santa knows everything. He sees all the good and bad things you do so you better be good!" I've been playing the Santa card since just after Halloween so I hope it comes to fruition soon.

The decorations in the mall were so nice, I'll leave you with a couple more good shots. Come back to the blog tomorrow because I'm starting my 12 Days of Christmas and I've got a ton of great gifts, recipes, and crafts to share.
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