Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Oh dear blog....

Oh dear blog.... I'm so sorry I forgot about you. All the Christmas chaos and fun, sorry dear blog, I simply.... forgot. Oops. And I also forgot to post the 12th Day of Christmas. The story of my life: start a project and don't finish it completely. Oh well, I'm sure no one will miss it. We'll just set that as a new year's resolution: finish projects I start. I am a rarity, I actually do new year's resolutions and for the most part, I stick to them. I think I achieve them because they're usually lame resolutions like "Read a book for grown ups." No kidding! For 2008 I made a resolution for every month. Here it was in a layout:I got the calendar tags from Elle's etsy shop. There's a slit in the page (orange paper) and if you pull it up, it gives details on how I'll accomplish this goal. I'm a nerd... I know! But this really worked for me and its satisfying to see all I accomplished this year. I think I'll try something like this again.

Nonetheless, I'm sad to see 2008 end. It was such a great year! We are so blessed, sometimes I think, "How can it get better?" We have a happy marriage, a stable home, 2 beautiful kids, another year with my amazing Mom who has been battling cancer for 12 years now, new babies in our lives, terrific friends, planning wonderful weddings.... so many joys! Asking for much more would be sinful.

Another sin.... not posting some favorite shots from December. Sammy turned 3 on the 23rd and this kid just cracks me up. He is such a fun, happy, silly little guy. I love his sense of humor and his style!
And all of our precious moments we have with Sam is because of this special lady: his birthmom. For those of you who don't know, we adopted both kids through open adoptions. We are still in contact with both birthfamilies--- thankfully! We had a wonderful visit with her over Christmas and we're so sad that she lives so far away. Then, the week before Christmas it rained like cats and dogs in San Diego. Which means.... snow in our local mountains. We went up there and had so much fun playing. I can't say that I miss the cold winters but I do miss the fun of sledding and building snowmen.
Sammy at his Christmas concert:
Maddie all dressed up when we went to see the Nutcracker Ballet.
Oh...and can't forget about the fun of seeing Sammy's birth-grandparents and his uncle Chris. They live near by so we see them quite a bit but its always something we all look forward to. Such great people! Baking cookies. I love to see Maddie in my Grandma's apron.
Then the excitement of Christmas morning. I can hardly believe I'm showing you a picture of me just rolled out of bed but the look on Maddie's face says it all. And we hadn't even started opening presents yet! Here's our puppy, Luna, enjoying and destroying her gifts. Thanks for checking in after my long absence. I've got to start cleaning up for our New Year's Party tonight. People will be here in.... yikes! 2 hours! I hope you have a safe, and Happy New Year! Cheers!

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